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Artist's notes

I've used paintdotnet for 7+ years and have gotten really proficient with it, but I decided to switch to GIMP at the start of 2023.

Although it takes some getting used to (different shortcuts and tools), I much prefer it.

There's a few quirks I still haven't understood, but it's not like I knew all what paintdotnet had to offer when I first began using it.

I've tried different painting programs, like Clip Studio Paint (CSP) and Paint Tool SAI (1 and 2), but I never quite got the hang of them. I believe Krita's more than capable for my use case.

lvllvl is a really great website for creating art with character sets! It's how I've made most of my PETSCII (textmode/bitmap characters) artworks.

vector bun

Made using lvllvl's vector mode, with the "modular shapes" vector set.

A character that I first made in ROBLOX. They're unnamed, because I haven't done much with them outside of this artwork.

I was surprised how cute I could make an avatar that's not restricted to the default square body that I've been accustomed to for a decade.

Color palette used: CS112-V2


I was incredibly surprised to discover that I could create the space background in-program with Krita, just by using different built-in presets from the "Halftone" filter.

This is my current favorite artwork that I've spent time working on!


First done in Clip Studio Paint, but I eventually settled on Krita and re-drew him there.

The scope of this was originally much larger; with Sunny scaling a grassy hill on a windy day.

It would've been a huge undertaking to re-do the background for it; which is why I re-purposed it for pride month.

I've included it for reference.


A hybrid pixel and PETSCII portrait of sunny. I'm quite fond of both versions!

One looks more glossy and true to his model, and the other's got a cute pouty look to his face.

Color palette used: Calm 48*

*A slightly more lime green nose for the revision

sunny's model

For this, I took reference from the work of Presto (18+ warning), specifically with how they used to create model sheets of their characters, during 2020.

They're a huge inspiration for me to start drawing, and I haven't made proper reference models until this.


My most positively received art by others thus far!

A PETSCII rendition of a screenshot that I took in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, of Kass looking back at the player.

Color palette used: New Worlds 46

PETSCII lurantis

This isn't so much PETSCII as it is pixel art, but it's my first artwork that I've done using lvllvl, which is to say that this is done using a bitmap character set, despite it looking like pixel art.

Lurantis don't have a mouth, but I thought I'd give them one anyway, because they look cute with.

Color palette used: Pastel Horizon

ACNL sunny

Fun little flag design(s) that I did for my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

(?) The most recent revision is one that I'm not sure when I actually did, and I don't have chat logs or file creation dates associated with it anymore, unfortunately.

2022 was largely a year where I wasn't that mindful or inspired to create, so the revision isn't exactly that much of an improvement.

Actually it has a few errors that I would fix, but I'm not that attached to it.


The first PETSCII artwork that I've done before knowing of lvllvl, using a much less user-friendly tool.

Inspired by kiophen and lati's initial PETSCII works!

Do check them out, they're good creatures!

Color palette used: Commodore 64

furred dragon (scrap)

This was supposed to be a full-length portrait of sundae's dragon form, but I had difficulty figuring out perspective, drawing dragon wings and ultimately got frustrated.

I did draw his entire body, but it had some issues, coupled with the ones above.


Done in paintdotnet with a mouse when I was feeling under the weather.

I used to be extremely proud of this, but since then I've noticed a lot that I could've done better.

When I was switching over to GIMP, I re-imported the layers (with equivalent layer modes) from the paintdotnet project file out of curiosity, which resulted in higher contrast and more vivid colors.

I've included the older one for comparison.

sundae doodle

The first doodle of the boy, done in MS Paint.

(?) I'm not sure when I actually made this, again due to lack of chat logs and file dates.

The earliest I could point to is during 2020, when I made a secondary youtube channel to upload Cave Story's soundtracks, since at the time there weren't any great uploads.

Unrelated to my art, but I'll say this again: it's better to have music stored locally instead of relying on streaming platforms.

...although, that goes without saying for most things.