About me



Hello! My name's fossy!
My full handle's a portmanteau of fossil and basilisk.
You may also refer to me by my fursona's name: Sundae, or Sunny for short. I'll respond to "bun" just as well.

I'm agender, aromantic and pansexual.
I'm also a hobbyist artist, writer, audio and video editor, graphic designer and web designer.

I don't particularly excel in any of these, but I find them fun, and that's all I really care about.
That, and inspiring others.


Sundae is a light beige anthropomorphic rabbit with pink eyes, a lime green nose and has an orange spot marking on his right eye.

He is my first original character and I most likely won't have many others besides him, since I identify with him a lot.

This might change with time, but... I haven't been able to solidify any potential ideas into a new character, a lot of them are just fleeting thoughts.
...or they end up as forms for Sundae, like a furred dragon form or a cat form.

If you'd like to see more art of him, check out my gallery; it's accessible from the side-bar! (or top-bar if you're on lower resolutions)



Above is a collection of games that I've played a lot of or have completed that I enjoyed a lot.
This will get updated intermittently with more (or less) entries as I see fit (the same applies for the Music section and the pokémon on this page).

Most of these days I spend my time on personal projects and less so playing games, but I've always really enjoyed designing scenes in sandbox games.

Ever since I unlocked create mode for the Popit in LittleBigPlanet (a menu that your character can open in-game, and build with various shapes and materials) around 2009, I've found myself spending hours building little contraptions, environments, decorating interiors and exteriors, and sprouting foliage around landscapes in games that let me do as such.

Any game that lets the player create environments with (prefabricated or custom) models, textures or audios, is instantly a great game in my eyes.
...with that said, I'm really looking forward to Restitched!

I've also sunk a lot of time customizing cars in racing games, although NFS: Carbon/Most Wanted don't have the most advanced vinyl/decal creation tools as some other racing game series (like the Forza series), I still enjoyed my time coming up with designs.

...By the way, I have a page for my favorite pokémon! (which I've since moved to the sidebar)
This page was mostly an exercise in HTML/CSS when I first started my website, but I still do like a lot of them.

There's also Butterfree's Favorite Pokémon Picker which I've tried using before, but it genuinely takes hours only to determine a handful of Pokémon that I like. I suppose if you want a definitive answer to who your favorites are, you could use it.

Here's ones that I think about often (ordered by pokédex number ascending):


My taste in music is... well, I play StepMania, which has a ton of charts/song packs of 2000s music, so that should give you a rough idea.

Funnily enough, I don't listen to my library all that often, even though I have 20 gigabytes worth of songs (991 items, 10:32:10 total time (2 days). Also FLAC file sizes lol).

I find having access to them locally much nicer than listening on streaming platforms, although I'm not currently searching for new albums/songs to add to my library, due to being short on storage.

I find tracker music incredibly interesting (.mod, .s3m, .xm, .it) although I personally wouldn't be able to compose/remix anything on them (I tried, OpenMPT is hard).

Check out The Mod Archive and battle of the bits if you have a passing interest in it, there's some real hidden gems!

Honorable mention: modland's FTP server, if you need to find specific formats and artists.

The demoscene is also fascinating to me but I know very little about, besides being linked a few demos by friends and stumbling upon some myself.